Looks like the library only accepts files. You can either change the code and try submitting the changes upstream. Or write your resource to a temp file and get it to load that.

langdetect · PyPI


Installation. $ pip install langdetect. Supported Python versions 2.7, 3.4+. Languages. langdetect supports 55 languages out of ...

Language Detection Library for Java


Sample. ``` import java.util.ArrayList; import com.cybozu.labs.langdetect.Detector; import com.cybozu.labs.langdetect.

jar - Java language detection with langdetect - how to load profiles ...


I have the same problem. You can load the profiles from the LangDetect jar using JarUrlConnection and JarEntry. Note in this example I am using Java 7 ...

Python3:语言探测工具langdetect和langid_nana-li的博客-CSDN ...


2018年3月22日 ... 一、写在前面本篇博客主要介绍两款语言探测工具langdetect和langid,用于区分文本到底是什么语言,也是网上找到的一些资料,除了这两款之后, ...

Langdetect :: Anaconda.org


conda install. noarch v1.0.9. To install this package with conda run one of the following: conda install -c conda-forge langdetect

spacy-langdetect · spaCy Universe


pip install spacy-langdetect. This module allows you to add language detection capabilites to your spaCy pipeline. Also supports custom language detectors!